Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Early winter hiking in the Channeled Scablands - Palouse Falls and Drumheller Channels.

A few photos from early December hikes in the Ice Age Floods region.

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Palouse Falls - December
  Click to play short video clips (Less than 2 minutes) ... Shot earlier this month during a cold weather hike in the Palouse River Canyon. Always nice to have this place all to yourself! Just don't fall in!

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Drumheller Channels near Othello, WA.
Drumheller Channels - Near Othello, WA
  Sure enjoyed hiking in Drumheller Channels last Saturday. It was a super clear day! Not many animals or birds but plenty of basalt thrashed by Ice Age Floodwater flowing out of Quincy Basin and Lind Coulee.

The Channeled Scablands of eastern Washington.
Click to enlarge old photo - (4 days old)
  I'll save most of the Saturday photos for another day. I want to figure out how to make new photos look old. Haven't had time to really mess with them yet. If you enlarge this image, you'll see my first attempt. I think scabland photos will look pretty cool in B&W.

The Stuart Range.
The Stuart Range from Drumheller Channels
See what I mean? It was a very clear day.

Frenchman Hill farming in the Columbia Basin.
A shot for the growers
  Blue line marks approximate Ice Age Floods trimline. If you're not in a big hurry ... maybe enlarge this one too. Scabland below the line and farming above. High ground shown above the Drumheller Channels in this shot is the east end of the Frenchman Hills. Important growing area for organic crops.

Pea planting in the Columbia Basin on Frenchman Hills.
Nope ... No pea planting this week!
  Had to throw this in. Organic pea planting over the crest of the Frenchman Hills in early April this year. Nice views of Quincy Basin from the top.

Othello, Washington.
Channeled scabland maze and Othello, WA

  Some parts of Drumheller seem remote ... other parts ... not so much. I couldn't smell french fries and tater tots Saturday, but could see plenty of steam from peelers and condensers at the Othello potato processing plants

Nick Zentner in the Drumheller Channels.
Nick Zentner going old school.

  Gotta hike with a giant chalkboard in case you want to do a little teaching along the way. Nick and I met up in Othello this afternoon and headed out into the Drumheller Channels to shoot a quick video on volcano types.

Columbai Wildlife Refuge
  When I have questions in the field ... it's nice that Nick has the chalkboard along. I do better when illustrations accompany the explanation. 

Nick Zentner from Central Washington University.
Great place to talk about lava flows!

Ground squirrels
The squirrels had to love seeing these signs go up!!!


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